About Us

Site Remediation Group provides an experienced team of environmental specialists that are well versed in the complex and ever-changing NJDEP rules and regulations. We offer cost effective and innovative solutions to the challenges our clients face in conjunction with effective “end game” strategies to multi-faceted remedial projects. SRG offers LSRP and site management services, combined with a “turn-key” approach encompassing all aspects of investigation, delineation, remediation, and reporting requirements in regards to impacted sites throughout NJ. Our work product consistently sets the industry standard for superb quality, innovation and remedial compliance. Our goal is to provide our clients with quality and leading edge remedial strategies, while emphasizing a safe work environment and protecting human health and the environment.

Our Team

Our team includes an experienced staff of LSRPs, Project Managers, Environmental Scientists, and Field Technicians to assist clients (large and small) in achieving their individual site-specific goals.

William J. Groeling, LSRP – President

Mr. Groeling has been an active participant in the environmental industry since graduating from Ramapo College of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies (May 1997). Starting as a laboratory technician for an NJDEP Certified Laboratory, Mr. Groeling worked diligently to climb his way up the ranks as a Field Technician, Staff Scientist, Project Scientist, Project Manager, and eventual Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP). This journey has given Mr. Groeling the insight into all aspects of the environmental industry and provided him the technical expertise to manage complex environmental issues throughout his career. Mr. Groeling has been directly involved in the liability management and remediation of hundreds of sites throughout the State of New Jersey. Currently, Mr. Groeling is President of Site Remediation Group in Hackettstown, New Jersey where he is an active member of the LSRPA.

Drew Daly – Vice President

Mr. Daly has been in the environmental consulting industry since graduating from Stockton University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science (May 2001). Since then, Mr. Daly has managed hundreds of assessment and remediation projects that included soil and groundwater assessments, non-aqueous separate-phase hydrocarbon recovery, groundwater pump and treat technology, in-situ remediation, soil vapor extraction, air-sparging, high-vacuum extraction, soil excavations/source removal, bio-augmentation and bioremediation. Mr. Daly also holds a NJDEP Subsurface Evaluators License and a Certification in Groundwater Hydrogeology from Stockton University. Currently, Mr. Daly is Senior Project Manager and Vice President of Site Remediation Group in Hackettstown, New Jersey.



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